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Long Hairstyles 2018

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2018/2011

Long hair can add to the beauty quotient of any woman, if kept well using gorgeous long hairstyles. 2018 has seen the resurgence of long hairstyles on ramps across the world..

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2018/2011

There are many popular style of long hairstyles today. Some are sleek looking layered haircuts, while some hairstyle give a sexy, messy and relaxed look. You can pick a hairstyle which suits your lifestyle and hair type, and thus get a great look on your long hair. Given below are some ideas that you can choose for long hairstyles. 2018 just might be the year when long hairstyles become a rage again.

Women’s Long Hairstyles 2018

Bohemian Hairstyles: There are various bohemian haircut styles and ideas. You can keep a middle parting and style your hair wavy with a sea salt spray, or hair curling mousse and you are good to go. If you have straight hair, then a quick way to get bohemian style is to take the front section of your hair, and cut it into a Cleopatra style blunt bangs which come till your eyebrow, the rest of the hair can be kept straight and cut blunt. You can also make braided headbands or make small braids and keep your hair looking relaxed for a ‘boho’ look.

Braid/Pony Hairstyles: If you are having a bad hair day then ponytails and braids are the best hairstyles options for you. You can simply tie your hair into a a high pony with a cute rubber band that matches your dress, take out some bangs and strands from sides and you are good to go. If you have very long hair, then braid hairstyle are a good solution to bad hair days. Simple make a loose three structure braid, and position it on your shoulder for an elegant look, and take out some strands from sides to soften your look. You can also make complex braids like French braids hairstyle, Dutch braids or fishbone braids and carry these styles as prom long hairstyles 2018.

Wavy Layered Cuts: If you have long hair, and want to go with long medium layered hairstyles, then here are some ideas. People who have straight hair can also go for this style, except that after the cut you will need to use a styling product to make your hair wavy. To get this cut, cut your hair near the crown into few layers, then cut the rest of the hair into deep layers with the hair ends looking tapering. Then cut the front section of your hair into long side sweeping bangs, and snip off some hair ends from the bangs to give them a well-separated look.

Straight Layered Hairstyles: If you have straight fine hair, then you can go with this sleeker more formal looking layered haircuts. To get this haircut, you will need to part your hair in the middle. Then cut the hair from one side into deep layers, starting from your jawline or chin level. Repeat the layering on the other side of the parting. Then cut the front section of your hair into thin side swept bangs, which come till your eyebrow level.

Men’s Long Hairstyles 2018

Shag Hairstyles: If you have long hair, and want to sport a relaxed unkempt look, then shaggy hairstyle are a great ideas. These hairstyles are also low on maintenance. To get shag hairstyle, cut your hair into layers, and cut the front section of you hair into straight bangs. Then on wet hair apply gel and tousle your hair, and let them dry naturally to get a messy unkempt look.

Trendy Long Hairstyles 2018/2011

Modern Mullet: The modern mullet haircut is a little more toned down, and a great idea if you have long hair. To get your hair cut into a modern mullet style, you can mix up few types of haircuts. Cut your hair on the crown of medium length, and style them into a faux haux. Cut your hair on the side into a buzz, and get some side cuts. And let the hair on the back cut into a mullet.

Layered Hairstyles: You can also cut your long hair into stylish looking layered men’s hairstyles. To cut your hair into layers you will need, to cut the front section of your hair into long side bangs, and the rest of the hair into deep layers.

So, pick any of these cute long hairstyles 2018. Visit a stylist, to get a good haircut, and make sure you get a trim every 4-5 weeks to maintain your haircut.


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